Filing An Insurance Claim? Better Be Prepared

April 3, 2021

After many years in the insurance industry, I have come to realize that most insurance consumers just don’t enjoy dealing with buying, researching, and reading their insurance policies, even worse is having to pay the cost for something that they do not get immediate satisfaction from.

However, once they have a loss or a claim, insurance becomes the most important subject and they expect the world from their insurance broker and insurance company. Buying insurance is very easy, insurance carriers love to sell you policies, after all, they are in this to make money. But it is up to consumers to make sure they are buying the right policy from the right company and having a knowledgeable broker to make sure when the time comes to file a claim, they are prepared to deal with the process.

Here are few items to keep in mind and follow to make sure you have a pleasant claim filing process and you do have the coverage you need and paid for.

1-Try to work with a broker who has access to more than just one company and one policy, some exclusive agents may not have that luxury of offering you different options. Ask a lot of questions from your broker and document the answers to all your WHAT IF questions and concerns.

2-Review your auto insurance liability coverage often, most consumers do not even know their liability limit on their auto policy when they are asked, they only find out after a bad accident that they do not have enough liability coverage to avoid losing their home and other assets to the injured party.

3-Take your smartphone and videotape inside of your home, make sure all your personal property, furniture, clothing, artworks, and expensive items are clearly present in the video, and even hold the camera on expensive items to elaborate about the material, workmanship, and approximate replacement cost, so its expensive price is clearly evident. After all, in a total fire loss, it could be an uphill battle to provide evidence that certain items existed.

If you do your due diligence with efficient communication and knowledge about your insurance policies, a claim process can be quick, painless and by the book, so you can get the maximum benefit for the premiums you paid.

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Wishing you a Happy and Safe Easter